JustDry Adult Coat

Adult weather resistant coat

This customised handmade unisex coat was inspired by the JustDry Coat.  It is suitable for people with extra needs. These customised handmade coast are made just for your needs.  It is perfect for anyone in a wheelchair! It is sylish and great for those cold days when you are outdoors watching the soccer game, going for a walk, outdoor adventurers, camping, swimming, ocean swimming or just spending time outside.  It will even keep you dry if a rain shower catches you outdoors.  Made with weather and water proof matieral this makes the coat water resistant so will keep you warm and dry in all conditions.  Lined with a fleecy lining it will dry you quick if you are wet by drawing water away from your skin and you will be snug and rugged up for all those events.  This multi purpose coat is perfect for wearing everyday as well as for the pool or at the beach after a swim or therapy session as it will keep you warm and feeling dry. It is designed oversized so its easy for people to get it on, even while wet. If you are wet, the outer materail will also keep your wheelchair or car seat dry with its water resistant capabilities.  With this oversize design people in a wheelchair can lay the coat over their wheelchair, sit on top of the coat and then slip their arms easily into the oversized arm holes and secure the front with either a 2-way zip, velcro or magnets.   You can even put a big bulky jumper underneath.  With flattened seams it is sensory friendly.  It can be made to any length that you choose such as a full length to keep your entire legs warm, 3/4 length to just below the knees or a 1/2 length above the knees - you get to choose.  Outer fabric colour choices are red, maroon, yellow, dark green, black, white, light blue, mid blue or navy. Inner fleecy fabric colour choices are mint green, dark green, black, grey, yellow, pink, purple, red, mid blue and navy.

From $195

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