JustLife Pant

A pant for every child

These customised handmade unisex pants are made just for you with your child's needs being met.  These pants can be made into trackies, leggings or shorts!  They are wheelchair friendly with no pockets in the back and a higher back so no skin is exposed when you sit down. Elastic waist for a more comfortable fit.  They also have wider legs for easier dressing.  Seams are also flattened so they are sensory friendly.  Zips, velcro or magnets can be added to the sides or bottoms of the legs to access braces, AFO's, catheters, anything you need access for.  They can be made with a larger fit in the bottom to accommodate a nappy.  Pull tabs can also be added for ease of dressing.  If you would like pockets these can be added to the sides or front. A false fly can even be added!

From $90

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