About Me

I love to sew

Hi, my name is Nerolie and I love to sew.  I live in Victoria, Australia.  I started sewing for my family and friends several years ago on my mothers sewing machine.  I love designing and making various items for them such as bags, blankets, pillow cases, hats, coats/parkas, etc.  I enjoy adapting and customising the item to suit someones needs.  

I have now started to make adapted and customised clothing items to suit kids and some adult items, with needs, that off the rack clothes do not cater to.  I make them to suit your specific needs.  

I also make accessories and bags.  These can be adapted and customised to your specific needs and measurements. These are great for medical supplies, allergy medications, diabetic medications, asthma supplies, catheter bags, anything you need with you and need a safe way to carry it around with you.

Happy to give anything a go! I am gradually adding more customised items of clothing, accessories and bags as I design them.  Send me an email or message me on Facebook and we can talk about how I can best meet your needs and I will send you a quote.