JustDry Wet Bag

A bag for everything wet or dry

This bag was designed when my boys were younger and I was so tired of the water bottle leaking in their bags and wetting their change of clothes!  So I designed it to suit and fit my boys change of clothes for kindy and/or school.  Theses customised handmade wet bags are made from water proof fabric on the outside and inside, which make the entire bag very water resistant! The lining is even food safe so can be used for all sorts of things.  With a zip to close the top it keeps everything dry inside. It also means you can put your wet clothes inside and it keeps them from wetting everything else!  Many kinders, childcare and schools do not allow plastic bags as they are a safety concern, so this is a perfect alternative.  Completely machine washable you'll never need another plastic bag again! You can also choose to add pull tags, clasps or rings as well as handles or straps.  Choose  from the following colours for your outer fabric, red, maroon, yellow, dark green, black, white, light blue, mid blue or navy. Patterned outer fabric is available on request but limited to availability. Lining colour choices available are white, black, pink, orange, light green, mid green, brown, navy, mid blue, light blue or red.

From $60

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