Swim Bag

A bag for all your swimming needs

This bag was designed out of a desire to keep my kids school bag dry after their school swim lessons.  All the bags I could find that were supposed to be swim bags came home soaked through and this lead to damaged homework and library books.  So I designed this swim bag.  This customised handmade swim bag has waterproof outer and inner fabric.  This makes the entire bag water resistant! That way if it is accidentally dropped in a pool of water on the floor,  your dry change of clothes don't get wet and your wet towel and swimmers do not soak through and wet everything the bag touches.  The lining is also food safe for all the snacks you need while swimming at the pool or beach! I can adapt this bag to suit the size you need and customise it for your choice of pockets, colour etc. Optional water resistant outer and inner pocket as well as optional slip pocket that can be a duel pocket for your water bottle, goggles etc! Also you can get it personalised with your or your child's name! Choose from the following colours for your outer fabric red, maroon, yellow, dark green, black, white, light blue, mid blue or navy. Patterned outer fabric is available but limited to availability. Food safe lining colours available are white, black, pink, orange, light green, mid green, brown, navy, mid blue, light blue or red. 

From $60

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