Lifestyle Bag

The bag for your important medicine or items

This bag was designed for my son who needed to have a bag for all his asthma medication, spacers, spacer mask and asthma plans.  None of the bags I could find were padded or big enough to protect his "gear".  Also he needed to have his clearly labelled for kinder and school - as a couple previous ones had been lost.  This is why I designed the bright red alert strip on the front and then labelled it with his name and "Asthma Medication".  No mistaking or losing this bag!  I can adapt this bag to suit whatever measurements you need.  You can choose to have the red alert strip or leave it off, its totally up to you.  You can also chose to have it labelled with what you would like.  Made with waterproof outer and lining fabric.  This makes your whole bag water resistant! The lining is also food safe as an added bonus!  It can be adapted to the size you need.  Perfect for any medication or supplies for asthma, allergies (epipen), diabetes, santitary products, or antyhing else you would like a bit of extra protection for.  Choose from the following colours for your outer fabric, red, maroon, yellow, dark green, black, white, light blue, mid blue or navy. Patterned outer fabric is available but limited to availability. Lining colour choices available are white, black, pink, orange, light green, mid green, brown, navy, mid blue, light blue or red.

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