JustDry Large Lifestyle Bag

A bag for all things medical you need to have with you

Check out this amazing design for the large lifestyle bag!  I designed this bag for a specific customer who needed a padded bag to hold everything they need for their medical condition.  They also wanted people to know it was their emergency kit, but wanted it to also look like your everyday bag.  It can be made to your measurements so you know its going to hold everything you need.  I can add a red alert strip and label it if you need it.  Made with waterproof outer and lining fabric.  This makes your whole bag water resistant! The lining is also food safe as an added bonus!  It can be adapted to the size you need.  You can even choose to have a slip pocket on the inside for health care plans etc.  Perfect for any medication or supplies for asthma, allergy (epipen), diabetes, santitary products, or antyhing else you carry around with youChoose from the following colours for your outer fabric, red, maroon, yellow, dark green, black, white, light blue, mid blue or navy. Patterned outer fabric is available on request but limited to availability. Food safe lining colour choices available are white, black, pink, orange, light green, mid green, brown, navy, mid blue, light blue or red.

From $60

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