JustEveryday Sleeping Bag Bag

A bag that your sleeping bag will actually fit in

Are you tired of struggling to get the huge sleeping bag into its teeny tiny bag it came with?  Well grab yourself a customised, handmade sleeping bag bag.  These backstyle bags are custom made to the measurements you want!  No more struggling!  You get to choose the size bag you want your sleeping bag to go into.  You also can choose the colours.  These bags are also lined and made with a soft cotton.  As an added bonus these bags are made in a backpack style so when you have your hands full you can easily carry it on your back.  With the drawstring closure this bag will make packing your sleeping bag easy.  You can also choose to have toggles on the draw string to ensure it only opens when you want it too. Colours available are black, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, maroon, red, light blue, mid blue, navy, light green, green, aqua, ivory, and grey. Patterned fabric is available but limited to availability.  

From $40

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