JustEveryday Zippered Tote

A bag that carries all your things

This customised handmade zippered tote design came from the need of my boys to carry all their tins of pencils around the house.  They had been gifted several tins of pencils from their Pa and to keep them all together with some drawing books I designed the JustEveryday Zippered Tote.  The zipper was so that when they dropped the bag they would not loose all those pencils all over the floor!  This bag has a zipper closure and optional zipper or slip pockets on the outside or inside.  The large comfortable shoulder strap make it easy to slip over your shoulder and carry anything you need. Perfect for library books, your groceries or anything at the shops. You can also choose to have carry handles instead or in addtion to the shoulder strap.  These are a wonderful alternative to your plain shopping bags. I can also make these from a water proof fabric on the outside or inside as well as from a food safe lining.  This would make the bag water resistant too!  As you can see my boys are fans of AFL however you can choose to have them in the following colours black, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, maroon, red, light blue, mid blue, navy, light green, green, aqua, ivory, and grey. Patterned fabric is available but limited to availability.  

From $20

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