Boxy Bags

A boxed bag for all the bits and pieces we have

Who doesn't love a good customised and handmade boxy bag to keep everything neat, organised and tidy.  Available in 3 standard sizes or choose your own size.  These bags outer can be made from either cotton or a water proof fabric to make the bag water resistant. The inside can be a plain cotton, a water resistant fabric or even a food safe fabric.  You get to choose.  They can have pull tags, or include a ring or clasp if you choose.  You can even have a wrist strap on the small size. Great for all the bits and pieces you carry around or need access to everyday! Also absolutely wonderful for holding all the tiny toys in the house or for your child's favourite toys when out and about! The small size is perfect for carrying tissues, credit card, ID card, cash or your keys for a day out. Great for students who just want to carry a couple off things. Colours available are black, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, maroon, red, light blue, mid blue, navy, light green, green, aqua, ivory, and grey.  Patterned fabric is available but limited to availability.  

From $10

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