Boxy Bag

Food safe bag for all the lollies you might need

This is a great little customised, handmade bag if you need to keep some lollies on you at all times.  Great for anyone with diabetes or any other condition that must have food on them.  Little enough to put in your pocket but it can also have a swivel clasp to attach to your bag or belt loop!  The lining is food safe and water proof fabric, so it also means the lining is water resistant so your lollies do not get wet if your water bottle accidentally spills or leaks in your bag. You can also choose to have this awesome bag made from a water proof outer fabric making the outside water resistant too! These are completely machine washable so no need to use a plastic zip lock bag again! You can even have a wrist strap attached. Be a zero waist person with these awesome snack bags.  Colours available for the outside are black, white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, maroon, red, light blue, mid blue, navy, light green, green, aqua, ivory, and grey. Patterned fabric is available but limited to availability.  Food safe lining colours available are white, black, pink, orange, light green, mid green, brown, navy, mid blue, light blue or red.  

From $10

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